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 My fascination with technology started with computers at a young age removing screws that held the side panel to a PC looking at the motherboard hard drive ram and trying to understand how it all worked together in perfect harmony. I had to know how with some reading and research I had a good understanding and with that basics knowledge I opened my first computer repair service center viruses were everywhere and business was booming. The internet was fresh and customer started asking about websites for their business.  I did some research downloaded software looked at page sources and figured out how to build a website everything you needed to know was online. Servicing computers and building websites for others started to feel like work (I HATE WORKING) I slowly drifted away from the business to build websites for myself I wanted to bring my ideas to life but my traffic was only coming from one source a forum a frequently posted on my signature was my website…. I had to take a step back how did I even get to this forum? Google search! I had no understanding of what search engine optimization (SEO) was but after some more free online research it was all so simple. I started creating all kinds websites anything that would come mind. I took a short break from the internet a very long short break but I came back to test myself to see if I still had it in me to build something and see how far it could go in x amount of time ‘viral’ with social media running the internet I followed trends and hit the Alexa top 10 most visited pages of the day 8 times. It was thrill watching my analytics skyrocket until the server was overloaded. I moved from project to project just moving with trends unfortunately I followed it all the way to the controversial  “Fake News Era“. But that’s old news now…. What is the next move? The next trend?…

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